Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Value of Fun

In reply to a comment on another post I brought up the idea of the value of fun in training. And I think it's important to expand on this, in large part because I think a lot of people have the wrong idea from me.

Fun can be incredibly important in exercise and training.
It's preferable to enjoy what you do.
It helps generate and maintain motivation.

My blog is not generally geared towards finding something for everybody though. And I realize that it often comes across as: there is one correct way to do things.

To be more clear though, the blog is about best practices for HEMA and fencing specific training. It's about what methods produce optimal results. There are plenty of different ways to produce results and improvements. But they aren't all the same, especially in terms of safety, efficiency and maximum results.

But from a public health standpoint anything is better than nothing. And if there is stuff you just don't like doing then that shouldn't be a reason to avoid the training approaches you do prefer.

That being said, I will keep emphasizing the value of a complete program that includes strength training. Specifically because of the value of such an approach.


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  1. I seem to have most fun when working out when I am with a friend. An hour can fly by if you are having a good time. Personally I dont mind working out in isolation at all however training with a friend who is around the same level as yourself is great plus there is greater motivation to lift heavier weights or do more reps.