Friday, March 7, 2014

Link Round Up

Strength Training for Women. It's actually pretty simple. There are more similarities than differences. And programming should be based on a person's objectives.

A modified version of the bottom's up walk that I discussed previously, to make it a bit harder.

A recent blog post from another HEMA-ist, discussing the role of heavier training tools. Weapons up to double-weight are one of the few training tools attested to in historical records on HEMA training.

I like the post, but I have two additions that I'd make. Research with other sports that involve swinging an implement show that using a trainer up to double weight is beneficial. That it doesn't become too heavy until higher weight.
That is, a 3kg trainer is a fine component of a complete program, when used correctly.

Note that anything heavier, like doing a sledgehammer workout, is conditioning and technical skills shouldn't be practiced at that weight.

Second, lighter tools are useful too. By using a lighter trainer we are able to physically able to move the weapon faster. This allows us to train firing our muscles at a higher rate - which we cannot do as well with regular weight tools.

So both heavier and lighter have their place in an advanced, comprehensive training program.

It's not really a matter of lighter or heavier being better. They achieve different results.

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