Friday, August 23, 2013

Sprinting is Good for You

Sprinting is a great tool for conditioning for fighters. Sprinting, like other high-intensity interval training, mimics the energy demands of a fight, which is why it will benefit you. Most fights are short bursts of very high intensity with periods of low intensity in-between. And this is what something like sprint-walkbacks are like.

Plus I get bored from running for a long time. So if I can get good training without that, then I exercise more.
A recent article over on Fitocracy does a good job of outlining a program to begin sprinting.

It starts with two basic Functional Movement Screen tests to check for the physical ability to have safe form while running at high intensity. And then provides some basic exercises for improving these characteristics if they are inadequate.

These basic exercises are focused on the hips and trunk muscles involved in stabilizing the body while running. It should be noted that general strength training as outlined here will also support these improvements. The structural loading from doing squats will develop the stabilizing muscles to support the hips, legs and low back, and so on.

The author stresses the importance of a good strength training program before starting a high-intensity running program like this but does not provide guidance on that matter, but I've already linked to a good starting point.

I must however comment that the author overstates the benefits of sprinting. As is so often the case with fitness "magazine" style articles the author wishes to convince the reader that this exercise is the "awesomest" thing possible. Sprinting is good and will clearly benefit the athlete or fighter, but it's not everything - that's what a complete program is for.

Overall a good article. Just ignore the first paragraph.

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